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American Crime Story

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An anthology series centered around some of history's most famous criminals.

From the Ashes of Tragedy episode review

From the Ashes of Tragedy episode review

This is the premiere episode of the highly anticipated series from the creators of American Horror Story. — The episode starts off with a neighbor finding a dog barking. He sees the dog's feet are covered in blood. He finds a dead body near the gates at OJ's house. A policeman searches his house and finds nothing but a bath full of water. The opening is very tense and eerie. They do find bloody shoe prints outside and they also find a letter. The cops got to OJ's other house, a cop searches the perimeter and finds his car, it has blood on it. The cops call him and they tell him that his ex wife is dead. The cops immediately suspect him for the murder because he doesn't ask how she died. Marcia Clark, a lawyer, gets a phone call from the police and is convinced they have enough evidence to arrest him for the double murder.