New poster for Cars 3

Cars 3

Another sequel to the animated movie Cars.

Cars 3 (2017) - "Next Generation" Trailer

Cars 3 (2017) - "Next Generation" Trailer

The new Cars 3 trailer further proves that the series is back on track. — Yet another Cars 3 trailer has arrived, this one titled the "Next Generation Extended Look" and it continues to show that this second sequel in the Pixar series that began with the 2006 original, may well be a return to form after the disappointing Cars 2 (2011). It has a serious and gritty feel to it that is in stark contrast to the previous instalment. Enjoy.

Cars 3 -  New Trailer Arrives

Cars 3 - New Trailer Arrives

Could this be the apex of the Cars series? — The new trailer for Disney Pixar's Cars 3 has arrived and thankfully it's following on from the first teaser trailer with the same refreshingly gritty tone. After the disappointment of 2011's Cars 2 with its swerve towards Bond pastiche Cars 3 looks to be a return to the more conventional story the original told with the emphasis firmly on racing. Hopefully, like the best Pixar films, Cars 3 will appeal to both children and adults and the tone seen here would certainly seem to suggest so. Many a trailer has mis-sold the tone of a movie with the final product differing significantly but from what we've seen of Cars 3 so far I for one remain optimistic.