Casting Couch: Keanu Reeves is 100% onboard with Tilda Swinton joining "John Wick 3"


There's no such thing as a superfluous 'John Wick' headline, especially when Keanu Reeves cosigns an idea spawned from a People magazine interview!

So what the hell is this all about?

In a recent interview with People, the 53 year old ageless wonder was asked whether or not he would like to see actress Tilda Swinton in the third installment of John Wick. His response- "I'm all aboard with that!" Our response - Someone give whomever interviewed Reeves a huge raise for throwing out that 'rando' question.

It's abundantly clear Swinton left a favorable impression with Reeves, who previously co-starred with Swinton in 2005's Constantine and Thumbsucker - “You know, I had the chance to work with her – I was in two films with her but had the chance to work with her once — I’m onboard with that,” said Reeves. “We run into each other once in a while socially out there in the world. She’s a remarkable person and actress, so I’m all aboard with that!”

Now that "John Wick 3" is set for May 2019 and the creative team plans to expand John Wick's universe, why NOT talk about casting reunions? It worked for Laurence Fishburne (although if Patrick Swayze were still alive, he would have been my first choice as "Bowery King" - sorry Laurence!) and Common (Street Kings), so why not Tilda? The 56 year-old actress seems like a logical choice as either a 'Wick' ally or opposing figure who, without a doubt has demonstrated peak ability to shape shift on virtually all cerebral levels.

Of course, if we are talking about Keanu reunions and John Wick - I recommend you not IMDB his filmography if you do not want to 'nerd-out' with the seemingly endless possibilities. I already have and the names Al Pacino, Robin Wright, and Naomie Harris infiltrated my brain cells. But really, if you ask me, it's simple - Charlize Theron. Especially if we're talking about female-centric assassin's.

How about you? You onboard with Tilda Swinton? And who else do you want to see in John Wick 3?

Greg Harmon | Managing Editor and Cultjer Contributor | Follow me @sweetharmony for Film & TV discussion