John Williams, Star Wars

Composer John Williams Has Never Watched a Star Wars Film


John Williams is considered a legend of cinema, with an iconic library of soundtracks that have stayed in the hearts and minds of more than one generation of filmgoers. But when interviewed, the Star Wars (and Jaws, and E.T., and Indiana Jones...) composer revealed that he hasn't seen a Star Wars movie before.

“I have not looked at the ‘Star Wars’ films and that’s absolutely true. When I’m finished with a film, I’ve been living with it, we’ve been dubbing it, recording to it, and so on. You walk out of the studio and, ‘Ah, it’s finished.’ Now I don’t have an impulse to go to the theater and look at it. Maybe some people find that weird, or listen to recordings of my music very, very rarely.”

Obviously, a film composer has seen the film in an albeit unfinished state, numerous times during the process of scoring for the film. The next time we will hear his sounds accompany Star Wars is December 15, 2017, with Episode VIII. Though it's unlikely he'll ever watch the film in a theater himself.

Source: Slashfilm

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