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A Dangerous Method

Rivalries Were Never Just a Sports Thing

Text Geoff Toomey

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Sigmund Freud
and Carl Jung

The Patriots vs. the Jets, Manchester United vs. Liverpool, Roger Federer vs. Rafeal Nadal, Sigmund Freud vs. Carl Jung?

Viggo Mortensen is Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, who are each, in his own rights two of the greatest psychologists, were at one point, fairly close with each other, for six years. But was it their time together or their time apart that helped to grow the study of psychology more?

Freud, who is best known for his psychosexual studies, helped to bring about a whole new nature of thinking in terms of psychotherapy as a whole, to which, many if not all current forms of the practice have derived at some point or another from some of his work.

Thirty years younger, Carl Jung, a psychiatrist of Swiss decent, developed the study of Analytical Psychology. This took more of an aim at the integration of the consciousness and unconsciousness.

It was in Jung’s twenties and earlier studying that he worked with Freud on schizophrenic patients, after sending Freud a copy of his first work Studies in Word Association, getting an invite with his mentor to a meeting in Vienna with Freud and other well to do psychologists. Jung went on to follow and join the group of psychologists in Freud’s new psychoanalytical group called the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society.

Michael Fassbender as Carl Jung

Their friendship lasted for all of six years, as Jung later published a piece, Psychology of the Unconscious (Wandlungen und Symbole der Libido). Here Jung took his own stance, one that differentiated greatly from Freud’s. In doing so he also in part withdrew from the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society.

A year later, Freud went on to publish a new work of his own. Where he described his standpoint about the psychoanalytic movement, including the withdrawing of Jung from the study.

Some of six years their friendship and minds were used to create and continue the development of psychoanalysis together. But after words, as Freud, who was substantially older than Jung, who became the flavor of the period for psychology after Freud, burgeoned his own theories and placing his own stance delving from the theories before. Today, many people only discuss rivalries when it comes to what Bill Belichick says to Rex Ryan on Sunday, but rivalries just don’t happen on the football field. Freud and Jung showed that the mind is one of the greatest tools of all as people still fight between their theories, showing us that rivalries aren’t just a sports thing after all.Film On Air next story

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