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Text Geoff Toomey

Although now it would be politically incorrect to call them anything but animations, when you usually think of cartoons Saturday mornings come to mind. Or like many of the eighties and nineties kids, it was Nickelodeon vs. The Disney Channel, as some still wonder why aren’t there more shows like the ones we grew up with. Disney Movies helped to bring the light to what animation is, from the 2D beginnings to the 3D options we have today.

Animated films have spanned from the beginning of the history of film and as technology continues to alter our day to day lives, only increases the potential of what animation can do. In recent years animated films have finally garnered one option of the best of the year (in part thanks to the changing from five to ten choices). As the pictures have gotten better with today's technology so has their stories that our favorite characters tell.

Today’s top animated classics from Toy Story to the original Happy Feet have touched on themes that many live action films have failed to present in a way where the audience receives the message of the themes. Today’s animated films present their themes in an air of the surreal using animated characters, but discuss day to day issues.

Wall-E on the affect of technology and relationships, Toy Story for accepting who you are, Ice Age and Happy Feet both touch on the topic of global warming and the potential impact.

You could say the themes are for the parents who bring their kids to see the films, but maybe that’s not true. Maybe the themes are something that needs to be taught to the kids who go to see the animated films. Our very own Aesop’s Fables in visual format. Happy Feet Two, with a cast of Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Sofia Vergara, Elija Wood, and Common, just to say a few you can't go wrong. Animation or no animation, with a cast like that the movie should be entertaining in the least (I mean who doesn't love a dancing penguin), but maybe just maybe you’ll even learn something. FOA end



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