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The British series that deserves an American size audience

Season 3 // 2012

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Luther follows a troubled ‘copper’ (Idris Elba) in London, England. And the creator, Neil Cross, describes London as the third character in the series. The funny thing is, Luther, the whole series, feels very American. Luther is the sort of anti-hero you’d expect in a dark comic book series. Bigger than life. Fighting bigger than life criminals. The ones that play GTA against each other, killing people for points in the streets of London. The ones that try to frame him for killing people close to him. Or the ones he can never really get to (Alice, played by Ruth Wilson).

But for now, the series isn’t as big as its main character. It’s gotten a couple of nominations here and there, but no big wins. It’s had a good run on BBC, but it doesn’t play on most big networks outside the UK. And even Idris Elba admitted he would like to see Luther go bigger. As event television. Or as a feature film.

For now we can only look forward to a third season that’ll air in 2012. Will this be the breakthrough season? It could be. But to fulfill its potential it has to go beyond the mere 4 episodes of season 2. FOA end

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