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Missing Pieces

a young man’s dream of making a feature film


White Lines
Kenton Bartlett (23) talks about how he made his first feature film
Kenton Bartlett

At 19 years old, Kenton Bartlett had a dream. Like many young men he wanted to create a feature film. The difference between him and all the other dreamers out there? There is no difference. He says he didn’t touch a video camera until September 2006. Well, there’s one difference. He actually did it! I guess Nike was right all along. It wasn’t easy though. Kenton, now 23 years old, spent years experiencing the highs and many lows of making a feature film. Now, almost 4 years after he got the idea, his film will finally see its worldwide premiere at the new indie film site Prescreen. In this article we take a look at what it took to make his film Missing Pieces. A film that, I can honestly say, deserves an audience as big as many of the Hollywood films out there. Next

“You want to believe that the struggle is worth it, but there’s a lot of days when I’m not sure it is.”

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Missing Pieces: How to Make a Feature Film