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Film On Air is starting a magazine..

The critics described it as:

“What is this?”

“People still read?”

“where are the videos..”

“issue #o. Is this a joke?”

“Nope.. back to Google”

“that's a weird accent”

“i just want the videos”

“If I want to read, I'll buy a book.”

“Last I heard, magazines are dead..”

Actors gave us feedback:

Leonardo Dicaprio angry Dawson cries actor with weird mouth Tom Cruise hyped Robert Downey Jr. angry Angelina Jolie cry Al Pacino screams James Bond cries Jack Nicholson angry Diaz crying Mel Gibson sugartits Natalie Portman crying Lindsay Lohan crying Juliane Moore crying

And double rainbows started popping up around the world.

So yeah, Film On Air is starting a magazine..