Michelle Rodriguez in '(re)ASSIGNMENT'

Michelle Rodriguez Joins Steve McQueen's 'Widows'


Michelle Rodriguez has joined Steve McQueen and New Regency's heist thriller Widows, joining Viola Davis and Cynthia Erivo. Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn has co-written the script with McQueen, and the project is based on the 1983 British mini-series of the same name written by Lynda LaPlante.

The story kicks off with four armed robbers killed during a failed heist. Subsequently, the surviving widows join forces and attempt to pull off the next job themselves. The film marks McQueen's first since his Oscar winning best picture 12 Years a Slave, back in 2014. Many have been curious as to what's next for the director for some time.

Source: http://deadline.com/2017/02/michelle-rodriguez-steve-mcqueen-heist-pic-w...

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