Character Details Revealed For Sony's 'The Crow' Reboot


As Sony’s The Crow inches closer to a reported July production date, the folks at Dread Central dropped exclusive character details including a major change for one of the five baddies set to square-off against Jason Momoa's "Eric Draven."

Fans of either, O’Barr’s graphic novel or Proyas’ adaptation can breathe a slight sigh of relief knowing several of the known characters from the series canon will exist in Corin Hardy's upcoming reboot. Thanks to Dread Central, we have come to learn that seven characters are indeed confirmed for the reboot, including Eric's fiance Shelly Webster ('94's Sofia Shinas) and Detective Albrecht ('94's Ernie Hudson). The Crow redux will also feature the return of henchmen's Tin-Tin, Fun Boy, T-Bird, and Top Dollar along with a character named Ratso who went by "Skank" in Brandon Lee’s The Crow and "Tom-Tom" in O’Barr’s novel.

Interestingly, Top Dollar - previously portrayed by the great Michael Wincott – will swap genders as a character that's now described as a lean, reptilian woman in her 20's-30's with a withering gaze of Medusa. Sony's decision to swap genders is not exactly 'new' news since actress Andrea Riseborough was once attached to play Top Dollar back in 2015. What shouldn't go unnoticed is the apparent shift in leadership from Proyas' adaptation, demoting Top Dollar to second-in-command and promoting ‘94’s second-in-command and apparent leader, T-Bird – previously portrayed by David Patrick Kelly. According to T-Bird's description, the 30-year-old hungry wolf has taken over the old Hotel Reno on the outskirts where he rolls with Top Dollar and HIS notorious gang. While the shift feels like a slight against Top Dollar and the decision to go with a female actor, it's worth noting T-Bird was first in-command in O'Barr's 1989 graphic novel.

We still have no word if Sarah ('94's Rochelle Davis), Gideon ('94's Jon Polito (RIP!), or Grange (Tony Todd) will play a role in Hardy's reboot. For now, check out the full descriptions and let's begin casting deliberations!

The Crow takes flight on October 11, 2019.

Somebody stuck his blades in all his major organs in alphabetical order.

30, strong and wiry with the cold eyes of a wolf and an endless hunger where his heart should be. Lacking in conscience, covered in prison ink. Has taken over the old Hotel Reno on the outskirts of town where he rolls with Top Dollar and his notorious gang. Tonight he becomes a made man, but deep down he knows he wants it all…

Greed is for amateurs. Disorder, chaos, anarchy: now that's fun!

20s – 30s, a lean, reptilian woman who came of age amidst lust and cruelty and has survived by embracing both. She possesses an almost psychic instict for seeking out a lie, her withering gaze something of a Medusa… T-Bird’s girl and co-manager of Hotel Reno, where she has been using her charm to draw in susceptible girls…

I love you

28 – 35, Eric’s one true love. A dancer with effortless talent.. Her undeniable beauty is matched only by her passion to teach dance to the inner city girls at her home studio. Shelly hopes to create peace in the community through teaching children, until she is brutally murdered by T-Bird and Top Dollar’s gang, setting off a violent chainof events as Eric seeks to avenge her death..

Are you a ghost?

40s – 50s, female. A world-weary soul in a rumpled suit. Haunted by the unsolved murders of Eric and Shelly. Dealing with marital issues and fighting against an ever-increasing wave of crime and corruption in the city. The heart of a warrior, Albrecht is determined to prevail against all odds…

I feel like a little worm on a big fuckin hook.

20s, bad face, bad skin, bad teeth. A loser of life’s lottery and he knows it. Wannabe T-Bird. Nurses a hatred of all things beautiful and proud, TinTin is a special treasure to him, a big man he can look down on. Rolls with T-Bird’s gang and runs his numbers, but dreams of being #1

I've got a gun in my pocket

20s – 30s, his bloodstream a seething cocktail of illegal pharmacology. His eyes fixed in the stare of a man seeing visions. Fun Boy runs T-Bird’s drug kitchens at the Hotel Reno. He wears a long leather trench coat sporting a happy-skull-face…

I'd like you to meet two buddies of mine. We never miss.

30s, a hulking monster of a man, with unstoppable fists. T-Bird’s indefeatable champion in the ring. Mean and tough. Accustomed to being shunned, grateful for the society of savages who have taken him in (T-Bird, Top Dollar, Ratso, Fun Boy, Gideon)…

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