Can Rey save Luke from his own darkness?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Exclusive Images - courtesy EW)

Can Rey save Luke from his own darkness?Finn and Rose, on a mission to Canto BightChewbacca and the porgs These puffin-like creatures from thThe Caretakers of Ahch-To These amphibious creatures are whThe Praetorian Guard Modeled on the Emperor's ceremonial waAdam Driver as Kylo Ren, in retreat The Last Jedi will brinOscar Isaac as X-wing ace Poe Dameron Tomorrow, EW has a stJohn Boyega's Finn, learning to fly. The ex-stormtrooper waKylo Ren's new starfighter The TIE Silencer is a new ship, The Casino at Canto Bight Finn and Rose's mission takes theThe masters of The Last Jedi (From left): Producer Ram BergRian Johnson directing Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa The LasLuke Skywalker on the cover of EW This year's Fall Movie PrRey on the cover of EW Our other cover features Daisy RidleDaisy Ridley as Rey at the ruins of the first Jedi temple.
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