Britt Robertson and Asa Butterfield in "The Space Between Us"

The Space Between Us

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A young man raised by scientists on Mars returns to Earth to find his father.

"The Space Between Us" Review

"The Space Between Us" Review

"The Space Between Us" is a cute title that represents the film's interesting concept: the lead astronaut on a mission to a human settlement on Mars called "East Texas" is pregnant. She gives birth to the child, who she names Gardener, while on the red planet. When he reaches the age of 16, Gardener demands to go to Earth and experience life as a normal teenager. He's also been video chatting for the past year with a girl named Tulsa (who lives in Colorado - don't ask). He tells her he has a medical condition and is living in a mansion in NYC. He has to lie because no one, except those on Mars and a small group of NASA scientists, knows that the "Martian from Another Mother" exists.