At the movies

When does a critic loose their Imagination?


What happened to the days when we would go to the movies and let our minds drift off into a world unlike our own? When did this art form dive deep into the realm of extreme dissection? Why can't we separate out logical minds for a few hours to just simply enjoy a unique and amazing platform that we hold so close to our chests? In our cynical world that criticizes people from being who they truly are, we are also letting go of something that we should be gripping onto with all of our might...Imagination. We have critics for just about all aspects of our lives. Film, food, vacations and music. We over analyze, poke and prod all forms of art because we all have our own idea as to what art is and what it should look like. We all grew up reading wonderful stories and built up in our own minds how all the players need to look should that acutely come to life one day. As a child, I never once watched a movie and thought ''The casting is all wrong. Why did the director choose to use a glide cam when a handheld shot would simply serfice'' It's because we let our imaginations guide us to many places that we believed to be exist. When we place art as our career thats fine. But taking the magic away from the reason why you got into that profession in the first place is depriving you the truly pleasure in what you do for a living...creating something out of nothing.


How did we get lost? We grew up. The delicate balance of life calls us once again to challenge us by asking one simple questions...when are you going to grow up? I agree that there are times where we need to act like adults and do whats best for you and your family. But keep your mind open and enjoy life. Why block out your imaginations and deprive yourself the joy of creation? Of course there are some movies that you honestly don't find amusing. I am not saying you have to enjoy every film that has and will be released. But there are positives to take away from every film that have been created. I hope that I never get lost. I hope that I continue to smile as I let this beautiful art form take me away to Neverland. To help me fight along side Luke and Han, to learn more about the Matrix and to simple believe that a man can indeed fly.

There are no special effects here. I am 100 percent practical effects.