Walt Disney's Animation's next short 'Inner Workings'

Which Animated Short Will Be Premiering With 'Moana'


The short will be debuting with Moana this November but it will arrive earlier at the Annecy Internation Animation Film Festival.

The short is called Inner Workings and it follows Paul, a workaholic whose life is boring and is very sad. Although inside his body he's alive and well, with the camera zooming in on how different body parts react to his average life. Like a brain, heart, lungs, and etc. The short will combine 3D computer generated animation and traditional 2D animation. That's all we know about the new short so far but it sounds great!!! This image below is a teaser on how the animation may look.

Disney's Inner Workings
Disney's Inner Workings

The plot seems very similar to Inside Out but without emotions. Disney's Inner Workings will premiere alongside Moana this November.

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