The man tries to escape

Woman of the Dunes

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Woman in the Dunes: A very sandy Japanese classic

Woman in the Dunes: A very sandy Japanese classic

I am always on the look of for new films, one reason why I like to comb the pages of Twitter is to find out what others are watching. It is the reason why I enjoy reading websites like Criterion as it is a treasure trove of information on some well known and not so well known classics. It is also why I am attracted to podcasts featuring those who share, discuss and wax lyrical about Criterion releases. Living in the UK means that Criterion releases are both few and far between as well as quite expensive, which is why I have not yet purchased any of them. Yet I dream of the days when I will be able to afford and collect these wonderful films myself, especially when I see that, amongst those limited UK releases, are such classics as Cat People, In A Lonely Place or 12 Angry Men.