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Sacha Baron Cohen as Time

'Alice Through the Looking Glass' Director on Why Sacha Baron Cohen was Perfect for 'Time'

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Director James Bobin looks to have created a worthy sequel to the surprise hit that was Alice in Wonderland, based on early reviews. And through trailers its abundantly clear how integral time is to the narrative. So integral, that it's personified.

Sacha Baron Cohen plays Time, and Bobin always felt that he was the perfect actor for the role, due to his ability to balance humour and heart on his sleeve.

"I wanted the character to not be the main antagonist, because I think the Red Queen is always going to be that, but to bring on a character who would appear bad at the beginning, but eventually turn out to be just neutral.

"Sacha's very good at playing characters who are both funny and vulnerable, and Time feels like that. Even though he's all powerful and has this incredible ability to stop time and move time forward, he still is lonely. And I love the idea that powerful people are lonely! It feels apt for him."

The interview dips further into spoilers, looking right to the end of the film. "I think that the scene with Alice at the end, where they say goodbye, had to have a certain poignancy to it.

"And if he was just a funny buffoon you wouldn't care, but he plays it with such heart, because he's totally taken advantage of by the Red Queen."

The film opens this Friday, May 27.

Source: Cinemablend

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