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Ant-Man chased by water in kitchen sink

Another good shot of Marvel

JackCroft JackCroft I just want to make this review short and sweet.

Ant-Man is a really fun Marvel motion picture and instead of going super sized or Galactic it goes in the opposite direction, into the micro world which is refreshing to see. I liked the performances very much, especially I must say Michael Douglas's turn as Dr. Hank Pym and the beautiful Evangeline Lilly as his daughter. I just could not think where I had seen her before whilst watching the movie. Suddenly it hit me afterwards she was Tauriel in the Hobbit movie saga who I (and I am sure many others) kinda fell in love with there, and here too. Rudd was good as the protagonist with Corey Stoll a decent Antagonist, and featuring Bobby Cannavale in a similar performance to his role with Pacino in the recent Danny Collins. I think my favourite character was Luis played by Michael Peña who was very entertaining and funny. In fact I found the movie to have an overall good sense of humour, with a classic Stan Lee cameo thrown in. What I most enjoyed about this picture was the action scenes with the Ant Army, I couldn't help but smile whilst watching, the little guys were also stars of the show.

Hats off to Marvel Studios, I seem to find all of their movies enjoyable these days, giving needed relief to people from monotony and mediocrity.

If you are happening to be reading this review and you have not seen Ant-Man yet then get your ass to the cinema and check it out, it's a good time.


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