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Beauty and the Beast on IMAX screens

'Beauty and the Beast' to Screen in Full IMAX for its Entire Runtime

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell IMAX has announced that Beauty and the Beast will be reformatted for its release and presented in an expanded 1.9:1 aspect ratio. So, some added incentive to see the latest Disney live-action fairytale in Imax, you'll see the entire screen filled with digital splendor. Audiences will see 26% more of the image when seeing it at IMAX as opposed to standard theaters.

IMAX is one of the opportunities that audiences, and particularly passionate fans of any particular film, need to take advantage of. A new IMAX poster has been released in conjunction with the news. The poster "celebrates Belle and the Beast’s iconic ballroom scene while the enchanted Chip, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth and more look on.”

Beauty and the Beast IMAX poster
Beauty and the Beast IMAX poster

Walt Disney Studios have also scheduled special opening night events for fans on Thursday, March 16 at 590 locations across the U.S. Starting from 7.00pm, fans will be treated to special behind-the-scenes on-screen content as well as seeing in theaters the music video for the Beauty and the Beast duet by Ariana Grande and John Legend. Tickets are on sale now through

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