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Merida and a huge foor in the dark - Brave (2012) Merida aims, Brave Merida in the dark on the island - Brave artwork Merida in the dark forrest - Brave artwork Merida on her horse - Brave artwork Brave artwork Brave dark island artwork Disney Pixar Brave logo Disney Pixar Brave poster - Merida Disney Pixar Brave poster - Change Your Fate. Summer 2012 Merida falls as the bear tries to grab her hand in Brave The triplets as cute bear cubs in Brave Merida, the bear and a wisp in the forrest Merida ready to shoot her bow and impress everyone - Brave The Triplets at the table in Brave Queen Elinor and King Fergus on their thrones in Brave Merida and the blue Wisp in Brave Lord MacGuffin, Lord Dingwall and Lord Macintosh in Brave Merida up and close in Brave It is carried in the wind. Disney Pixar's Brave The triplets shoot themselves at the pies in Brave It stands twelve feet tall, with razor sharp claws. Brave I present my only son. Brave Merida introduces her hungry brothers. Hamish, Hubert and Harris. Brave I present my only son... Brave