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Captain America grabbed by the throat

Chris Evans: The Superhero Genre's Potential to Survive Against Audience Fatigue

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell The conversations regarding the superhero genre have been ongoing for a few years now, and they aren't going to slow down anytime soon. Captain America: Civil War star Chris Evans has weighed in on the potential for the survival of superheroes beyond the current decade.

"I certainly think that given the fact that technology has finally advanced, they're always going to be looking for other films to match their technological accomplishments," Evans said.

He went on to say that it is notably in the tone of the film that creates that superhero atmosphere, stating that "you could look at Jason Bourne as a superhero".

While I agree with his comments that "as long as filmmakers keep on reinventing the approach and the flavour and the tone, audiences are going to still go", to say Bourne could be classed as a superhero, and to suggest a grounded superhero film is less of a superhero film, is debatable.

His comments come in response to Steven Spielberg's feelings of superhero movie fatigue, and in the wake of 'Nightcrawler' director Dan Gilroy reference the current craze as a "tsunami of superhero movies".

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