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'Civil War' Directors Talk Subverting Expectations and Avoiding the "Easy Ending"

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Spoilers to follow: Anthony and Joe Russo have spoken with Empire on the ending to Captain America: Civil War, which saw a deviation from the comic book storyline to close with both leaders of the conflict surviving, as opposed to Captain America's demise on the page.

“We were saying to ourselves, the genre – and perhaps the MCU – has gotten to a point where the audience are sensing the patterns in the genre. Joe and I have always been about: how do we subvert genre?”

The directors go on to describe the accurate course of action as one that "seemed like an easy ending," as opposed to the "more complicated ending" they opted for. Killing Captain America was never part of the plan, Joe Russo explained.

Instead, they wanted to "see the ramifications of that moving forward. Killing Cap ends that conceptually. There would be guilt on Tony's part" but Anthony Russo sees the conflict as a family feud of sorts.

"The more difficult and more interesting place to leave a family fight is: can these important relationships ever be repaired? Is this family broken permanently?" With Steve Rogers shedding his Captain America identity, the filmmakers explain that the trilogy details the character's journey from patriot (The First Avenger) to insurgent (Civil War).

As they put it, it's "the most interesting thing you can do" with the character.

Source: Screenrant

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