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Disney's Animated Fairytale Cinematic Universe

Could Disney Be Preparing A Fairy Tale Cinematic Universe?

ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter Disney has been announcing new live action projects rapidly. All these live action films they are announcing were once Disney animated films or were based off one of the characters from the film. Let's examine the possibility that Disney could be preparing for a cinematic universe.

Disney has always been a fan of synergy. After the recent successes of The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast[/i]. It doesn't look like they are stopping any time soon. Looking ahead to the future, Disney has announced many similar projects. Some in which look like they could take place in the same universe or become a franchise. Also like the ABC show [i]Once Upon A Time showed us it is easy to interconnect these fairy tale franchises with the right storytelling of course.

Snow White- Rose Red- Prince Charming

Yes Disney is preparing a live action version of their beloved Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. They are also working on a film about Snow White's unknown sister Rose Red. To add to that Disney is also working on a Prince Charming film. So in my mind it wouldn't make sense doing these three films without them being interconnected. Why do a Snow White film and then do a Prince Charming film with different actors? Why tell completely different stories when you can have them connect. Prince Charming is a popular name for a prince. He has been used in Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Sleeping Beauty. I think Disney connecting the stories would benefit the films and would cause moviegoers to see them.

Genies- Aladdin

There is a film being developed which is a prequel to Aladdin called Genies. Yet Disney announced a live-action version Aladdin. The film will be directed by Guy Ritchie. Wouldn't it make sense to have the Genie that will appear in Aladdin be the same Genie in Genies? They were originally going to use unused Robin Williams voice recordings for the film. Sadly a deal could not be made with his family. So with a new Genie it would make sense to tell the story in the same universe.

Captain Nemo- Peter Pan- Little Mermaid- Tink

Disney announced a Captain Nemo live action film. He's a popular character from Jules Verne's novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Disney fans also take pride in this character. So when Disney announced the film many people were excited. Then followed announcements of Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid live action films. I think these three films could interconnect the larger being of Disney's Fairy Tale Cinematic Universe. Especially on the nautical side. The Nautilus could be featured in both Peter Pan and Little Mermaid. Especially as a possible Easter egg. Captain Hook could have a confrontation with Captain Nemo. Captain Nemo could get into it with Prince Eric too. Ariel could also appear as a Mermaid in Neverland. The possibilities and connections are endless.

The live-action Peter Pan will be the first to come out in 2019. Plus Tink rumored to star Reese Witherspoon would make sense if she was in Peter Pan also.


It was reported awhile ago that Disney gave the green light to a film centered around a Princess team up similar to Marvel's The Avengers. This film could be what starts the cinematic universe.

Princesses furthers my belief that Disney is building a cinematic universe around fairy tales. Mulan , Elsa, Moana, and Merida seem like the choices on paper do to their powers. I wouldn't count out the other princesses. So Disney could build up to this movie by introducing these characters in their universe. Mulan's solo outing is suppose to be in 2018. The other characters haven't been given the live-action thumbs up yet. Although I do expect a live-action version of Frozen to come out soon.

The Sword in the Stone- Cruella

This could potentially give us King Arthur and Excalibur in Disney's Fairy Tale Cinematic Universe. It would be easy to connect this around other fairy tales as the story does take place in England. Cruella de Vil, one of Disney's most notorious villains is also from London. London could be a big spot for the Universe. Although these films would take place in different time periods.

Pinocchio- Nutcracker

Well Pinocchio could take place in the same area as one of the fairy tales. Plus if they stick true with Geppetto as a woodcarver. They could explain him creating the Nutcracker for the Nutcracker and the Four Realms film. It would be a neat twist and it would keep it all connected.

This Friday is the star of the D23 Expo. I'm expecting more details to be revealed on some of these projects. Maybe we get the plot twist that they are forming a Fairy Tale Cinematic Universe. Despite the connections being loosed there is a lot of connections. Plus it would only make sense to keep up the synergy. Like the Marvel, DC, and even the LEGO universe has shown us. Cinematic universes are in right now. I could see Disney jumping onto this concept. More money could come out of it.

Disney has a hardcore fan base when it comes to their classic stories. So these would go over well at the box office. People are fans of the connected story. I know I am for sure. I will patiently wait and dream about the possibility of Disney's Fairy Tale Cinematic Universe.

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ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter

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