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Disney Absorbs Fox

Disney Finalizes Film Studio Executives Post-Fox Deal

ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter Disney is going to let Fox still be Fox! What a shock, most people are surprised Disney is going to let Fox continue its Rated-R content and its edgy dramas. I'm not surprised its good business and its part of being separate entities.

Disney has officially rounded out its film studio executive brass. Emma Watts will continue her role as chairman of 20th Century Fox film. Fox Searchlight will retain leaders Nancy Utley and Stephen Giulia. Fox Searchlight specializes in Oscar-worthy fare. Elizabeth Gaber will continue to head the Fox 2000 label.

Disney will retain Fox's animation and family units. Longtime Fox exec Vanessa Morrison will serve as president of family. Robert Baird and Andrea Miloro will remain co-presidents of Fox Animation. They will not report to anyone at Walt Disney Animation or Pixar. They will report to Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn. Fox film chairman-CEO Stacey Snider won't be jumping ship.

Emma Watts guided popular franchises like Avatar and Kingsman. Despite the world is still waiting on an Avatar sequel. Fox will be thought of more like a brand. Similar to Marvel and Star Wars.

"The addition of these respected film groups under the umbrella of The Walt Disney Studios will create endless possibilities as we continue to deliver first-rate motion pictures to audiences around the world, This is an experienced group of executives, and Alan Bergman and I look forward to welcoming them to our leadership ranks upon completion of the acquisition," said Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn.

"We're pleased that these talented executives will be joining our incredible team of studio leaders once the acquisition of 21st Century Fox is completed," said Disney CEO Bob Iger. "Under Alan Horn's leadership, Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm have reached unprecedented levels of creative and box-office success, and adding Fox's impressive film brands and franchises to our studio will allow us to create even more appealing high-quality entertainment to delight audiences."

The Disney-Fox deal should close in early 2019. Currently, Watts and Fox have a busy fall lineup including the Freddy Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody on November 2, along with Steve McQueen's Widows on Nov. 16, and a hybrid Christmas Deadpool film on December 21.

The Marvel properties will leave Emma Watts and 20th Century Fox and will move under the watchful eye of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

The deal is starting to take shape. Most of the Fox executives are jumping ship to the Mouse House. Disney is proving the doubters wrong who thought they were going to shut down all of Fox's film studios. Specifically, Fox Searchlight. Disney basically gave all those doubters reassurance the Fox content will live on. It just will be its own separate part of the company.

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ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter

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