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Disney Unveils The Disney Digital Network

Disney Unveils The Disney Digital Network

ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter Maker Studio use to be a YouTube powerhouse for content creators. Since Disney purchased the company they have scaled back drastically. Also to fit the Disney family style. On Tuesday, Disney announced the Disney Digital Network.

The Disney Digital Network will reach 1 billion followers across many platforms. The network will include Oh My Disney,, and Maker's Polaris.

“This extends our stories to the platforms Gen Z and millennial audiences are on every day, with diverse editorial voices that integrate top creators and influencers,” said Jimmy Pitaro, chairman of Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, in the pitch to marketers and agency execs.

Disney is now focusing on bringing in more Maker creators into Disney branded content. It looks like Disney is finally getting serious about their $500 million acquisition they bought back in 2014.

Disney is now using "digital storytellers" to expand the brand. Disney will be entering more strategic partnerships with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It is worth noting Disney was rumored to buy Twitter a couple months back.

Disney says it is actively pairing the digital content creation and programming capabilities of Disney Digital Network with The Walt Disney Company’s broadcast and cable assets across ABC, Disney Channel, Freeform, and others so that advertising partners can reach vast audiences across all media platforms.

The Disney Digital Network will be structured around six editorial brands.

Oh My Disney- The Destination for a Daily Dose of Disney. Find out the latest news, interesting articles, and test your knowledge in challenging quizzes.

Disney Style- Where Disney stories and characters meet the world of fashion.

Disney Family- Aiming to bring family closer doing Disney crafts and DIY projects.

Babble- A parenting communication site where people can share their experiences and they can bond and learn.

Polaris from Maker, featuring original content from a community of gaming personalities including talk shows, animation, and games-to-life content. and Star Wars app- It's the digital destination for everything related to Star Wars.

There will be new digital shows starting on the Disney Digital Network this year.

"Science and Star Wars"- The show parallels how the science of the Star Wars universe is becoming relevant today. The series will be sponsored by IBM. The show will exclusively air on Facebook Anthology.

"Oh My Disney Show" Season 2- Comedy, news, and trends on a show perfect for all social feeds.

"Club Mickey Mouse"- A revival of the popular Mickey Mouse Club and it will be a Variety show. The cast will be young, diverse creators. It will also star Mickey Mouse! The show is sponsored by HP. The show will stream through Facebook Anthology.

"Disney IRL"- Oh My Disney brings Disney animated characters and moments to real life and surprising viewers along the way.

"COIN"- The show will be on Maker's Polaris. It is a Animated action comedy. Brought together by time traveling robot Crohnobot, Donovan (a gruff plumber quick to anger), Kid Victory (a master of weaponry), and the Sisters Vicious (twin masters of illusion who hate each other) must defeat super-villain Gamovah and retrieve the coin of Chorder before it’s too late.

"Disney Design Challenge"- Young designers are invited to push boundaries and see if they can create clothing inspired by memorable Disney films.

"Disney Magical Starts"- A show for parents that want to spend more time with their kids and making memories. The show will explain tips for special events throughout the year.

The Disney Digital Network is here. There are over 300 social channels that connect the network. Disney stories, brands, and characters will be featured. The Disney Digital Network will showcase everyone from Mickey Mouse to Star Wars to The Muppets.

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Source: Variety

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