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Disney's Live-Action 'Aladdin' Tracking $80M+ Opening Over Memorial Day Weekend

ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter Disney continues their animated to live-action experiment. As Disney has been able to create new version of Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, and Maleficent turning them into box office gems.

The early tracking of Aladdin has the film making over $80M on its opening weekend. Aladdin comes out during Memorial Day weekend.

Some analysts even expect Aladdin to cross $100M over Memorial Day weekend. Citing that once Disney makes the final marketing push it could help the overall opening weekend success.

The live-action remakes are known to over-perform. Some may find rare circumstances where a Disney remake didn't perform. Yet the numbers don't lie when it comes to this formula. Jungle Book pulled in $103.2 million over its opening weekend, and Beauty and the Beast took in $174.7 million during its opening weekend.

Aladdin may not pull off that high of numbers but still its popularity may drive it to a very successful first weekend. It is tracking to do better in comparison to Cinderella which made $67.8 million its opening weekend and Tim Burton's Dumbo which made $45.9 million in its domestic opening weekend.

Aladdin is directed by Guy Ritchie. With a script from Ritchie and John August. The film stars Mena Massoud in the titular role, along with Naomi Scott playing Princess Jasmine, and Will Smith takes on the iconic role of the Genie.

Aladdin is in theaters on May 24.

Source: THR

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ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter

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