Sony Continues to Develop Extended Ghostbusters Franchise

Ghostbusters Animated Film Gets a Director


Much in the same vein as Spider-Man, Fox seems to be implementing their own formula to their franchises, in which they release live-action and animated films to cater to different audiences. Ghostbusters is the second of which to get the treatment, which seems an odd choice to say the least.

Nevertheless, THR reports that Fletcher Moules has been hired to direct the project, who comes off the popular animated Clash of Clans commercial spots. This is a next step in Sony's efforts to build a cinematic universe around the Ghostbusters franchise. Again, it seems an odd fit.

With the female-led, live-action film hitting theatres in July, this is the next step in Fox's plan. It certainly offers the potential to bring back the original cast of characters, with the luxury of aging them in whichever way Fox deems fit to.

Source: Indiewire

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