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Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017)

BlairwolffNoah BlairwolffNoah With everything going on in the media and as it get's older and older, it's being lost how big of a series Winnie the Pooh was and still is. Millions of books sold, many film adaptations, and an icon for young children for years to come. The latest Winnie the Pooh adaption is Goodbye Christopher Robin, an adaption unlike anything we've seen before for mainly all the wrong reasons.

After returning home from the first World War, A.A. Milne (Domhnall Gleeson), a playwriter/writer who still struggling from the first World War starts to write his famous series Winnie the Pooh through bonding time with son Christopher Milne (Will Tilston). A film that oddly tires to combines odd elements together.

As much as it's marketed as a Winnie the Pooh film, it's more so a character study of the famous A.A. Milne. A character who can be so hard to like at times due to how he struggles with his son so much especially with he's young and it's hard to watch him suffering from PTSD after the war. The performance by Gleeson isn't bad to say but he's a character you wished that shown more of his writing styles/ideas and more have in-depth look about Winnie the Pooh. An even worse parent than him is Milne wife Daphne Selincourt (Margot Robbie) who seems so distant from her son and along with A.A. Milne, they abuse her son fame when it comes. You can question Margot Robbie in this role who's never been a strong actress in a dramatic role. The best character to grasp on here is young Christopher Milne (Will Tilston). In breakout role for young Tilston, he's a charming young actor who really grasps what it means to be young and what childhood is like through scenes of him playing with stuffed animals and walking through the woods. As an even better parenting character than his real parents, very likable Olive (Kelly Macdoanld) plays Christopher nanny who takes him under her wing and it's as nice as a relationship as your going to see.

It's something different surely but I don't see it attracting much attention. A film that's all over the place that gets the Winnie the Pooh idea lost and clutters it with sad ideas and war.

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