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I Have Come To Clean Ze Deadpool

MovieDudeWP MovieDudeWP Comic book films are action-packed epics, but just so lighthearted the whole family can enjoy them, right?


Times are changing and those little superhero film fans are growing up. Their parents, who lack comprehension of the film rating system, haven’t adapted, but this is due to maintaining a convenient ignorance to the content of the comics upon which these films are based. They’ve been orienteering progressively to people of all ages for several generations, but hey, everybody’s got to have a vendetta…

And thanks to a total saturation of the market, the film industry has been forced to vary its approach towards superheroes. They can’t be all attuned the same way, but how can the source of the inspiration differ? Enter Ryan Reynolds, not the actor but the everyday fan. So invested in the character was he, he led the charge for twelve years while 20th Century Fox umm’d and ah’d over bringing what is a second-tier antihero to the big screen. It took the leaking of test footage, made with Reynolds, for Fox to finally greenlight the film; by that point Deadpool had been in development for almost ten years. And when you see the finished product it shows just how much work was put into arguably the best superhero film to date.

It seems if the execution is flawless it matters not what’s being contrived, the end result doesn’t suffer. Funny, that. The design of Deadpool disregards the idiosyncrasies present in films of a similar genre, while all exertion has enriched the titular character. It matters not what a collective of social activists are saying (they were never going to see the damn film, anyway), because what’s exhibited is Deadpool. The fans wouldn’t have it any other way and Ryan Reynolds knows.

Being truly considerate, the writers should take centre stage for all adulation. Deadpool is built upon its script, complete with individualistic humour, language and a lack of a fourth wall. But then there’s the aberrant direction and also Reynolds performance. It’s impossible to see anybody else playing this role, it’s so definitive. And that’s not frequently spoken of in acting.

So, if you’re old enough go and see this film, and even if you’re not try and see it anyway; an R-rated film won’t kill the kids. It will introduce them to a new glossary of terms and kick-start health education, but those were always certainties. I know that’s irresponsible advocacy on my behalf, because yes, Deadpool is entirely crude and offensive. But is that not why we go to see it?


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