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The Lion King

Jon Favreau Talks the Importance of VR Tech on His 'Lion King' Remake

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Jon Favreau has become a hot name after the hugely successful Jungle Book live-action remake, and with that film's sequel and The Lion King in the works, he's working double time particularly on the technical side of things.

In the fallout of The Jungle Book, and the things he learned on that, he notes that they are able to create digital environments using VR and scout manmade locations with the ability to adjust scenery when needed.

"Being able to scout – and some of this we were doing with Jungle Book as well, but the ability to actually design an environment virtually, and then to walk around in it with your crew, doing a scout. And to be able set shots and to be able to choreograph movement, and move set pieces around before you do the heavy versions of it.

"Because there’s a lot of really light files, again, the processing is getting better and the coding is very specific to game engines now, so that the files remain light, so you can experience them in real time, so you can move assets around in real time, and start to rough in what you want to do as a filmmaker.

"And finally, when you deliver it to the point where you’re actually turning it over, and rendering the stuff in a very expensive, time-consuming way, you’ve already made all your creative decisions using technologies that are more geared towards gaming."

Favreau's enthusiasm toward innovating and experimenting is worth keeping an eye on, and he joins James Cameron as something of a pioneer toward the potential future of film and video game making.

Source: Slashfilm

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