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Joss Whedon Admits Comments about Avengers: Age of Ultron were a Disservice to the film, Marvel, and himself

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Last year, Joss Whedon fell away from Marvel, departing the franchise and commenting on how little he was paid for The Avengers. He described Infinity War as a "young man's game."

A year on, and time to clear his head, and Whedon has offered an apology on multiple levels for his comments. Speaking with Mark Ruffalo at Tribeca Film Festival, the director said that his comments didn't help anybody when making the rounds for Age of Ultron.

"'Ultron,' I'm very proud of. There were things that did not meet my expectations of myself and then I was so beatedn down by the process. Some of that was conflicting with Marvel, which is inevitable and a lot of that was about my own work and I was also exhausted, and we right away went and did publicity.

"I created the narrative - wherein I'm not quite accomplished at - and people just ran with [regarding 'Ultron] 'Well it's OK, it could bebetter, but it's not Joss' fault' and I think that did a disservice to the movie, and to the studio and to myself. Ultimately, it wasn't the right way to be because I'm very proud about it.

“The things about it that are wrong frustrate me enormously, but I got to make an absurdly personal movie about humanity and what it means in a very esoteric and bizarre ways for hundreds of millions of dollars. The fact that Marvel gave me that opportunity twice is so bonkers and beautiful and the fact that I come off as a miserable failure is also bonkers, but not in a cute way,” he added.

Whedon's comments come across as deeply and refreshingly honest, and while it could be seen as him making up for certain defamatory statements (least of all toward himself), the fact is he didn't have to come out and discuss it a year later.

Source: Indiewire

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HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell

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