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White Lines
season four finale


As Season 3 of AMC’s hit Breaking Bad ended and the promos (official and fan-made) began to swarm the airways; one thing was promised. Action. Action, and again Action.

Even though the beginning of the season felt as if the series wouldn’t deliver, with every new episode the viewer received more than the daily-recommended amount by our doctors.

WARNING: NO Spoilers Ahead, Read with Ease

There are few true works of “fiction” on modern television. AMC is lucky to be producing the top 2. Who knows, maybe with more Walking Dead AMC could be producing 1 more. Nevertheless, Mad Men’s uncertain future has left many to seek a fulfilling character study only Breaking Bad’s genius can deliver. So far? No one is complaining.

The instant classic opened to its biggest fan base with even more ambitious, more action and more “grittiness”. As the dust settles from the finale there will be even more hype for the final two seasons. But how did this Season pan out? The 13-episode season can’t be summed up in a couple of words. Show creator, Vince Gilligan admitted that he didn’t picture “family” being a central theme to the show. Many would agree that “family” is Season 4’s driving force. Many other elements like death, friendship, legacy, pure evil and even pride and drugs are background to “family”. For now.

Nothing could explain this new dimension better than simply, Jazz. Walter White and his Wife play off of one another into uncharted, dangerous, very dangerous territory.

Much like great jazz masters, our heroes were juggling multiple roles in the middle of a drug war in which they were key players. Walter’s reasons skewing, motives being questioned, relationships mending and bending to the stroke of Vince Gilligan’s maestro handling of the subject.

Much like a great jazz finale, the ending, even if expected, leaves a tingle of cold emptiness never felt before. The five senses cannot sow together the magnitude of the images. Only one thing is left is to say...

Did that just happen?

Yes, it did.
What did you expect?
What are you waiting for?
Catch up on what you’ve missed on Breaking Bad. Didn’t your teacher tell you about the negative effects of procrastination? FOA end

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