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In seasons 1 and 2 of Modern Family, Baby Lily was played by twins Jaden and Ella Hiller, a boy and girl, respectively.

In the show, Mitchell had to come out of the closet several times before Jay believed that he was actually gay. This is based on the real life experience of actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his real father.

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Text  Ian Snyder

Wednesday, September 21 marked the season 3 premiere of ABC’s hit series Modern Family, which follows the lives of three diverse families — one interracial, one gay, and one conventional family — all part of the same happy dysfunctional extended family.

Jay Pritchett, the silver-haired patriarch, is married to a much younger Columbian woman, Gloria, and helps her raise her teenage son Manny. Jay’s daughter Claire and husband Phil Dunphy have three children, Alex, Haley and Luke. Jay’s son Mitchell, along with his partner Cameron, raise their adopted Vietnamese daughter Lily.

Last season saw some changes, such as Cam and Mitch becoming more affectionate toward each other. This season has already seen a few changes of its own. Haley’s boyfriend Dylan is conveniently written out in the first episode. Also, the role of baby Lily has been recast as a toddler. Cam and Mitch speak about the possibility of adopting another child, this time a boy. There has also been an addition to Jay’s household — a dog named Stella, who was briefly introduced to us near the end of last season.

Also premiering on Wednesday, September 21 was another ABC Family sitcom, The Middle, which follows the misadventures of the Heck family — father Mike, mother Frankie, children Axl, Sue and Brick — living in the fictional town of Orson, Indiana.

The two sitcoms seem to mirror one another so closely it’s almost creepy. Both series kicked off with back-to-back hour long episodes. In Modern Family’s Dude Ranch, the entire family takes a trip to — you guessed it — a dude ranch. Similarly, in The Middle’s Forced Family Fun, Mike and Frankie take the family on a camping trip. Hilarity/insanity ensue.

In episode 3 of Modern Family, Alex, now a freshman in high school, is in the same math class as Haley, causing the two siblings to bump heads. A similar situation ensues in episode 3 of The Middle, in which Sue, also now a freshman, embarrasses Axl at school.

Though both sitcoms cover essentially the same subject matter, they take very different approaches. Modern Family attempts to tackle social/domestic issues in a much more serious tone, while still managing to be funny, while The Middle utilizes much more quirky humor best suited for Scrubs fans. Modern Family kicked off the season with 14.53 million viewers, while The Middle had a mere 9.74 million. With those numbers, The Middle may have a tough time competing. FOA end

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