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Rick looks at new character Jadis, S07E10

New Cast Member Pollyanna McIntost Talks Her Arrival on 'The Walking Dead'

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Pollyanna McIntosh made her strange introduction on The Walking Dead last night, as the leader of a new group that makes its home in a junkyard. Her character, Jadis, had some interesting exchanges with Rick Grimes as he tried to take advantage of a large group that looks fully capable of taking care of itself.

"I think everybody has to be menacing at this point. It’s a dangerous world," McIntosh said in a chat with variety on this new group. "We’re keeping our cards close to our chest, and I as an actor on the show have to keep my cards very close to my chest about where this can go. I definitely don’t see myself, as Jadis, as a villain at all. I’m a survivor and a leader, and I’ve taken pretty good care of this group. And I think she’s done a pretty good job when you see the size of it."

"Morality in this day and age is a hard thing to hold onto. That’s what makes the show so exciting to watch" she says of the group's lack thereof. "The audience sees Rick and his group as the good guys, but even they have all sorts of morality issues. Carol’s arc is amazing. I think we can be let off with a few things like chucking Rick into a pit with Winslow. It worked out just fine. Why should anybody be upset by that? (Laughs.) Rick certainly measures up to be the man that we hoped he is."

She really breaks down the character's testing of Rick to a tee. "Gabriel said Rick can do anything. He made him into Jesus. Jadis is a very good reader of people. So I can see in his face what he’s been through, how much he means it, that he’s sincere. That gives me an idea that he might be right. But you can’t trust his words. So throwing Rick into that pit with Winslow means I can see what kind of a fighter Rick is. I see his tenacity. I see that his group jumps toward the tubes to help him. I even signal with my hands to come toward the tubes so they can see what’s going on, and I can also test how useful they are and how much they care. That tells you a lot about how successful a leader is, how their group responds when he’s in danger.

"I find out everything I need to know. The character of Rick is also really impressive he comes out of the pit. He doesn’t waste time with, “Why did you throw me in that pit?” He just starts moving on to the deal, and I like that about him. I couldn’t just take Gabriel’s word for it, no matter what my first instincts were. Jadis’ instincts were correct, but you can’t take any risks in this world."

Of course, Rick dies and you might start a war.


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