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Retrospective: Live-Action Spider-Man Series 2002-2017

KayaJohnson37 KayaJohnson37 Many people have different opinions about each of the movies that make up this series. The Spider-man movie that was created in 2002 has gone ahead to enjoy lots of seasons after it, to the extent that it is now up to 6 in number since the series started. Many people are picking the one they believe is the best among them, and we have gone ahead to make a review of the original version and the newer ones.

A Look at the First Spider-Man Movie of 2002

A look at the original movie will present to us the birth of the superhero story series. This may not be the first ever, but it is the first of its kind. This came at a time when nothing exactly like that has been done before, so it is difficult to compare it with things that came after it. However, the fact that this movie by Sam Raimi shattered a record with $174 million in initial earnings and later went ahead to growth in about $614.2 million in domestic earnings is something to think about. This is where Peter Parker came with a full embodiment of whatever the overwhelmed teen suffers. Consider this alongside the amazing superhero villain in the person of Willem Dafoe's cackling Goblin, and the fact that the romantic angle was very solid. These actually made the series a very big hit. That was where angst was placed way above energy in the life of a nerd. It gave the society something way beyond what was at the moment, and they couldn’t help but buy into it.

Spider-Man in the Dark
Spider-Man in the Dark

Other Spider-Man Series after the First One

A look at the other Spider-Man movies that came after the first one will be very difficult if we are to consider all of them together. The second one does not come with the same villain as the first, but it talks about the human side of the spider. That was where it got introspective about whether the man in the cloak doesn’t want the spider life after all. This gave a different angle to it. It was not so much about how to win the fight, but about the fighter. The Spider-Man 3 came with a softening of the character of the hero, with music and other effects. Many people hated it; while others who felt they’ve had enough of those nerdy attributes loved it. This is also where the original creator stopped. The reboot of the movie in 2010 came and tried to sustain what the original started, but in the 2014 reboot which is the second one, plot issues arose. Emma Stone was the best asset in that movie, but she was not brought to a central role. The unrecognisable Jamie Foxx, the late coming of Paul Giamatti, and the Harry and Norman characters all made it a bit less in quality when compared to the Raimi’s series. So, the Amazing Spider-Man started changing things and the quality started dropping from there. The recent Homecoming version is not any better. The truth is that the originality, the creativity out of nothing, and the plot, coupled with the popularity of the original Spider-Man, especially the three series created by Raimi are better than whatever has come after them.

Spider-Man Flies Over City
Spider-Man Flies Over City

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