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Rick and Morty S3-E1- The Rickshank Redemption- REVIEW

KatherineHemmings KatherineHemmings Rick and Morty Season 3 episode One has offcially been dropped and it's everything you have ever dreamt it would be


If you live in a social media excluded cave or just woken up no this is not an April Fools, RICK. IS. FREE.

It was announced on Twitter by Dan Harmon who responded to a tweet from a fan asking for season 3. Harmon responded "what if I waved a magic wand and made the first episode of season 3 premiere tonight is that what you'd want". Which of course Karen reponsded "Yes that is exactly what I want, and everyone in the entire universe does too"

Dan Harmon Tweets new season
Dan Harmon Tweets new season

Without too many spoilers from here on out the episode provides us Rick and Morty fans with a little bit of everything that we wanted from this episode. There were a vast amount of rumours around Rick never explaining how he gets out of prison, the butter robot coming to the rescue or even another dimensianal Krombopulos Michael helping out the Smith family or maybe even Summer finally stepping up as a stronger and more kick ass character in the series which is clearly shown throughout the Rick and Morty comics.

Although the episode being only the usual 20 odd minute long, despite rumours around an hour long special, the episode manages to just about sum up everything we needed to know about his escape, how our c-137 Earth and the Smith family is coping with the changes of the Galactic Federation rise into power and the loss of Rick and even a short revist to the Cronenberg dimension left behind.

It is the perfect blend of sci-fi malarky, intergaltic war, contenuatiey and Ricks usual hilarious genious. This episode was the perfect way to start the new season and to see the fans working together to share the episode really showed how dedicated the community behind this show is.

The only flaw I could find in this episode was that now I really want that damn Mulan Szechuan Chicken McNuggets Dipping Sauce.

The rest of the season is due to come out this Summer so until then here is the latest sneak of our beloved Rick as Pickle?...:

Pickle Rick Rick And Morty Season This Summer!!!!!

Katherine Hemmings

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