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Simon Pegg Discusses the Writing and Editing Process for 'Star Trek Beyond'

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Actor and co-writer Simon Pegg spoke at CinemaCon about the upcoming Star Trek sequel, Beyond, which fans are somewhat weary of particularly after the last trailer that was released, which didn't renew much faith.

Pegg is clearly committed and honoured to play a major role in a Star Trek film, and he co-wrote Beyond with Doug Jung. Having seen two cuts of the film so far, he said " It’s looking great. It’s been such a huge deal, this thing. Getting to write a Star Trek film and the task that lay ahead of us in terms of what we had to do was daunting and stressful at times, but it became enormous fun.

"Being given the keys to the Star Trek universe was an extraordinary privilege. It was extremely important to me that we did it justice. I know Star Trek means a lot to a lot of different people. It means an enormous amount to some people.

"It was, “Let’s combine it. Let’s combine the philosophies and tenets of the Star Trek universe with bigger set pieces and exciting stuff. Let’s see Kirk and the guys doing stuff we haven’t seen them do before because we just literally haven’t been able to do that.” But that’s not at the expense of the other stuff. Star Trek is a very thoughtful story. It’s a very intelligent, hopeful projection of our own futures, and that’s something we have to hang on to.

Pegg is defensive of director Justin Ling, and said that "Justin had clear ideas about a few of the set pieces in the movie, and we would work with Justin to make sure the story tracked through those moments so if there was a big event, Doug and I would make sure we tracked every character in that event and make it track with Justin’s idea for the visual spectacle, which he is very good at."

The film arrives July 22.

Source: Collider

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