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Tenet (2020)

TENET (2020) Film Review

filmgob filmgob Christopher Nolan's TENET is a high concept, mind scooching, piquant thriller that is near impossible to comprehend at one fell swoop.

The Protagonist (John David Washington) is absorbed in incursions from the future as time proceeds backwards and forwards in alignment. The palindromic narrative is epitomised by it's spatial mystery, but fear not as the jet-setting antics of our heroes is obviously cognate with the James Bond films that audiences recall amorously. Truly the antithesis of Marvel's celebrated mediocrity.

Yet it’s a preposterous romp full of symmetrical recurrences and suspenseful implosions. The script is an inscrutable joyeux marinated in amphetamines and dupery. So much scholarly ambition that left me flabbergasted and at a loss of equilibrium.

This is Christopher Nolan meditating on the edge of this mortal coil. I felt loved to the point of madness. TENET is an unalloyed delight for cinephiles of the present and ensuing ages.

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filmgob filmgob

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