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'The Dark Knight Rises' Ends the Trilogy Perfectly, Says Joseph Gordon-Levitt

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell In 2012, Joseph Gordon-Levitt played John Blake in the final film in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Since then, he's gone on to star in a good number of impressive films, with Snowden out soon, but there's always time to reflect on one of Christopher Nolan's many impressive films.

Despite that, The Dark Knight Rises was by far the most divisive of Nolan's Batman films, and particularly the ending frustrated some. Levitt-Gordon had this to say in defense. "I know we’re all used to the sort of Marvel movies, which are just kind of endless series. They don’t really have a beginning, middle, and end.

"But I think Nolan very much thought of that movie as a conclusion, and there’s a theme that runs through all three of those movies that begins in the first movie, runs through the second movie and it concludes in that moment where he says that Batman is more than a man, Batman is a symbol.

"And so to have another man other than Bruce Wayne kind of becoming Batman at the end of that trilogy, I think that’s the perfect ending to that story." As someone who has trouble appreciating the film from beginning to end to this day (and being a massive Nolan film, that's hard to say) I have to agree with the ending, which I loved.

That being said, Rises perhaps suffers from being too convoluted to really aid us in appreciating the characters by the time the credits role. I'll never get sick of that final sequence though.

Source: Collider

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HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell

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