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Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth in "Independence Day: Resurgence"

The Future Aint As Bright

JalenAnderson JalenAnderson Independence Day: Resurgence, isn't a "bad" movie per se. It is about as good as movies like San Andreas, or Battle Ship, which I don't consider "bad"films; it just is so uninspired that it treads the waters of mediocrity, and that's a shame given how good (or at least earnestly endearing) the first film was.

ID:R takes place 20 years after the first, with the world governments setting up Earth Space Defense force using the alien technology left after the initial invasion. Jeff Goldblum, reprising his role as Dr. David Levinson, now director of the ESD, discovers that the Aliens, that invaded, are coming back, and this time, they're sending the mothership. An added twist is the appearance of a separate, but related extraterrestrial, but I wont spoil the context as it's one of the few new elements to the film. The plot, unfortunately doesn't add enough to keep this movie fresh. I know there are key differences, but this movie treads water, and more or less exists as an excuse to set up a potentially more interesting sequel. I know the plot is really just there to set up set pieces and roaring speeches about humanity, but it could have been more.

All the characters are essentially from the original movie (Goldblum, Pullman Fox, Spiner etc,) or re-skins of people from the original movie. Couldn't get Will Smith back for Steven Hiller? Well we got Jessie Usher as Dylan Dubrow-Hiller, his step-son (though idk why they couldn't have got the original actor. I KNOW he aint up to much). Still need another male hero? A white one? Well look no further than Liam Hemsworth as....other reskin of Steven Hiller. What I will give this movie credit for is it's willingness to straight murder people you assume would survive. I'm not gonna spoil who, but I thought it was interesting at least. Also I can say that the actors all seem to be having a great time. While this is a "serious" movie, the actors are at least playful enough so that every scene isn't a bore.

All the action is pretty, but uninspired and bloated. 2016 special effects definitely make the movie visually stunning, but if the direction and flow of the scenes aren't up to snuff, the 100+ million for effects can only pick up so much slack. This is disappointing as director, Roland Emmerich, is usually on the ball in this field, i.e. original Independence Day, 2012, White House Down, etc.

In conclusion this ill advised, 20 year later, sequel isn't "bad" it's just not very good. If you loved the original, I'd say see it. Hell if you're just bored and already seen everything else, see it i suppose, but I can't recommend you see it on it's own merit as a film.

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