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The Hateful Eight Suffering 70mm Projection Issues

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell The Hateful Eight opened strongly in its 70mm Roadshow format, but over this past Christmas weekend it seems issues have been cropping up plentifully.

Via Twitter, people are reporting focus issues, while some screenings suffered from no sound or soundtrack synching issues.

The Weinstein Company and AMC have made no comment, though a source close to the company said problems occurring were fewer than 1%.

Courtesy of Indiewire, though, that seems to be untrue. Indiewire's Samuel Adam's Twitter poll found that 19% of respondents reported problems (though this is in no way an accurate statistic, as others with no problems may not feel inclined to comment).

Nevertheless, here are some of the reactions to the poll:

Either projection is screwed up, or Hateful Eight is now a silent movie in Act II.

— Michael Schwartz (@mikemovie) December 26, 2015

Saw THE HATEFUL EIGHT at@AMCTheatres Forum 30 in Sterling Heights. Constant focus issues. DO NOT SEE IT THERE.

— Justin Muschong (@JustinMuschong) December 27, 2015

Best part of the broken 70MM projector/Hateful 8 print at King of Prussia? The snide theater manager "This is why we don't do film."

— Dissecting The 80s (@Dissectamania) December 26, 2015

@SamuelAAdams saw it in Toronto. it was out of focus for at least 20 minutes before they could fix it.

— Debbie (@debsterbread) December 28, 2015

@SamuelAAdams not so bad that it ruined the movie, but bad enough to be an annoyance the entire runtime.

— Joe Filipas (@joefilipas) December 28, 2015

As one response pondered, could this film be the death of film in the fight against DCP?

Source: Variety

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