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A new 'Lego Batman Movie' tells us what we already knew

'The Lego Batman Movie' Director on Cast and Creating His Batman

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Chris McKay dropped a new trailer for The Lego Batman Movie over the weekend, and it was pretty fantastic. This film is shaping up to be a stellar successor to The Lego Movie, and is filled to the brim with characters voiced by some top names in the industry.

Speaking with Empire, McKay said that they "set out to make a movie that's an About A Boy, Jerry Maguire-type movie about a guy whose ego and self-involvement have kept him away from people. He also has a deep hurt.

"There’s a reason why people in these movies are cold and remote egomaniacs – there’s a wound somewhere inside. So we get to play with another point of view on another kind of Batman movie.” On his cast, McKay is over the moon about working with people like Will Arnett (Batman) and Michael Cera (Robin).

"He’s practically the perfect actor. He’s everything you’d want: he’s funny, he’s charming, he’s super-sweet, super-sincere and wickedly fast," he said of Arnett. "Michael Cera is just a wonderful, innocent and one of the funniest people in the world."

“Rosario Dawson plays Barbara Gordon and she’s the only person in this movie who’s not a cartoon character. She looks at Gotham City and says: ‘Wait a minute, for 78 years Gotham City has not improved? It’s been the most crime-ridden city in history, and even with this night-stalking vigilante it’s not once improved?’ Rosario brings a seriousness and a sarcastic and critical point of view. The movie is really a critique of Batman and she’s really the focus of that.”

The film opens February 10, 2017, and it can't get here quick enough.

Source: Collider

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