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'The Lego Batman Movie' Director on the Ending and the Future

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Warning, spoilers below for the ending to The Lego Batman Movie.

While The Lego Batman Movie is, well, a Batman movie, it's also part of a larger universe. And in that larger universe, there are many, many properties that exist, as evidenced in The Lego Movie from 2014. So when the likes of Voldemort and Sauron appear in the final act of the film, it shouldn't be a surprise (but it is).

Director Chris McKay went into detail with EW on why this Batman film delved into a larger world, and it sounds like it was a lot of fun to craft. "The Joker needed to up his game and prove himself, and we talked about this being the Joker’s big romantic grand gesture. So in order to do that… I loved the [1978 Richard Donner-directed] Superman and the idea that the Phantom Zone, in our world, could possibly house all of the villains from other LEGO universes. It’s almost like Cabin in the Woods.

"Or, in Last Action Hero, when Charles Dance says, I can go into all these movies and I can bring out Jack the Ripper or King Kong. When I was younger, watching that movie, I was somehow expecting a scene between King Kong and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I was always bummed it didn’t go there. [Laughs.] But in our world, we can do something like that and unleash all these characters into Batman’s world."

He also had further plans, including adding the likes of Sherlock Holmes villain Moriarty, and even HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but he had to keep in mind the target audience. "Maybe in future movies, we’ll try to bring more characters in.”


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