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'The Predator' May Start Filming This Fall.

NadiaA71 NadiaA71 Filming for 'The Predator' is set to begin in October this year. The news has been announced by director Shane Black during an interview with AFP while promoting his latest film 'The Nice Guys'.

The plot for this upcoming film is still under wraps but Black said he wishes to make this an 'event' movie.

"To the best of my knowledge, the train is rolling. It took some convincing because they've been putting out these movies all along with a $50 - $60 million budget and they all had a guaranteed return" he told AFP. "But there was never a sense that it was an event picture. it was more like "I understand another Predator is coming out - maybe we'll see it maybe we won't" "

Little is known about the plot for this film but Black has revealed that it will be set in the present day - 31 yrs after the original Predator which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. When asked if Schwarzenegger will reprise his role as Major Alan 'Dutch' Schaefer, the director replied that it is 'something they are looking into'.

The Predator is set to open for March 2018.

src: AFP

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NadiaA71 NadiaA71

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