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Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in The Walking Dead season 5

The Walking Dead Ep. 6 (Consumed)

PodestriansFilmcast PodestriansFilmcast I would like to pretend that the last two episodes of The Walking Dead did not exist. Imagine this: Episode 3 finishes with the cliffhanger of ‘who is with Daryl?’ Episode 4 tells us the story of the search for Beth and the resolution of the previous week’s episode. What a wonderful world that would be. Ebola wouldn’t exist; Scotland would be independent; Kate Hopkins wouldn’t exist and two episodes of trite and superfluous nonsense would be washed away to the ether. We would all have 90 minutes of our lives back. Perhaps in that time I would learn a language; stroke some puppies; bask in the joy of a Kate Hopkinsless world.

Consumed, Episode 6 of this season of The Walking Dead, is indeed a return to form. But I say that cautiously… AMC have done us wrong a few times already this season.

Consumed sees us with Daryl and Carol (Darol), hot on the tail of a cross-clad car. Daryl suspects it is the same one that took Beth. They follow the car back to Atlanta and escapades ensue. The plot points of contemporary Atlanta are not really the focus of this episode, however. Most of the action centres around Darol and their relationship. As is The Walking Dead’s wont and their theme-du-jour, we also see what Carol got up to when alone. I hoped for hijinks; I was disappointed.

What separates the mundane aspects of Consumed with the quiet times in the last couple of episodes is that the writers had already put the work into giving these characters a backstory. We care about Darol (we Care-ol?) as they have been made 3-dimensional in previous episodes. The downtime works in this episode because it feels natural. Our protagonists are on the edge of they don’t know what and are being cautious. They are seasoned zombie apocalypse vets, they know the deal.

The episode also sets up a possible siege. Kinda like in the last few seasons. I am not moaning… at least it’s better than that guy with the handlebar moustache being on camera.

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