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The Walking Dead Sets Finale Record with 15.7M Viewers

The Walking Dead - Ep. 7 (Crossed)

PodestriansFilmcast PodestriansFilmcast There are certain things in The Walking Dead that are predictably consistent - the large degree of filler episodes; the uneven gingerness (gingerocity?) of Abraham’s moustache and hair; the snatching of victory from the jaws of defeat, etc. But there is nothing, NOTHING, as consistent as the characters’ single and simple desire to be as stupid as humanly possible. It’s almost as if they have never seen a TV show, film or, indeed, any type of culture, anywhere in the world. These guys are the type to check out attics without putting the light out, to send a scantily clad girl outside to check on that strange noise or to play in a haunted house just for the larks. In short, Freddy Krüger would have a ruddy well field day with these guys.

And, of course, the gang’s stupidity is brought very much to the forefront again in Crossed, the penultimate episode before the midseason break. In the hospital, Dawn is beginning to seem quite reasonable and Beth looks to be considering the human side of the matriarch. Elsewhere, Daryl is gathering a minor army to make an assault on the hospital in a bid to rescue Beth and Carol (Bethol?). Elsewhere, Abraham appears to be in some kind of vegetative state as Glenn and Rosita share a moment and Tara bounds about like a playful puppy that still doesn’t seem to have grasped the gravity of an Armageddon type event. Her pre-happening life must have been fairly banal. Or maybe she is just really excitable. Like a puppy, you could say.

Rick continues what appears to be his slow meltdown into insanity as he ponders, again, whether or not to be judge, jury and executioner (we get it, he’s on the edge – either push him off or desist). Crossed did what The Walking Dead does best – high octane scenes with intermittent moments of emotion/puppy excitability. Next week’s episode is the last one until mid-February and with all the pieces in place it promises to be a pretty explosive mini-send off. Perhaps they will do something interesting and not have our gang go into the hospital all guns blazing, but that seems quite doubtful. Either way it should be pretty exciting, so much so that maybe Tara will pee the carpet.

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