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Ezekiel in 'The Walking Dead'

'The Walking Dead' Reportedly Casting for Comic Book Kingdom Leader Ezekiel

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell In the season finale, outside of the whole earth-shattering, blood-spattering events in the woods, Carol and Morgan were discovered by two bizarrely dressed people riding horseback. This is worth discussing despite the fact that it's fallen well into obscurity since that closing scene and the controversy it caused.

But those people most certainly belong to a new community, one that plays a large role in the coming storyline. This community is named the Kingdom, and is a group holed up in an old school. Its lead by Ezekiel, who likes to be called 'King' Ezekiel. Oh, and he has a pet tiger.

And now, probably the strangest character ever introduced in the book is reportedly being cast for the show. According to TV Line, AMC is seeking out an African-American actor in his 40s for the recurring role of 'Augustus.'

Augustus is described as "flamboyant and wise, nice and weird," which sounds very much like a certain King who doesn't go by Augustus at all. The show has been very accurate as of late to its source material, so it would come as no surprise if this is indeed a casting call for Ezekiel.

It may turn out not to be Ezekiel at all, but an original character. That being said, it sounds too close to the mark, and it would seem a strange choice to replace the character for a new one that sounds similar enough to begin with.

Source: Screenrant

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