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Top Hollywood Film Executive Linked to Leaked Online Release of The Hateful Eight

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Co-CEO of production-finance company Alcon Entertainment, Andrew Kosove, received a 'screener' copy of The Hateful Eight for end-of-year awards consideration.

Signed for by an office assistant, it was later shared online, now doing the rounds and getting played on laptops and phones everywhere. According to sources, officials with the FBI are working in conjunction with distributor The Weinstein Co., and have been able to pinpoint Kosove's copy of the film as the source of the leak based on a watermark on the DVD.

FBI agents will be visiting Alcon's Century City headquarters on Tuesday to determine the custody of the DVD and therefore discover who is responsible for the upload. Kosove told THR "I've never seen this DVD. It's never touched my hands. We're going to do more than cooperate with the FBI. We're going to conduct our own investigation to find out what happened."

Copies of the film have been seen on street corners in China and various otehr markets. Between 200,000 and 600,000 downloads have been made of the film online. Leaks around award season have become all too common in the age of online file-sharing. The Revenant is another of this years victims to fall prey to early leaks.

Source: THR

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