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Ice Age 3 vs. Public Enemies

Hey guys, part 3 of or quest to find THE movie to see this 4th of July weekend. Johnny Depp 1 said Ice Age. Johnny Depp 2 said Public Enemies. And Jesus said, I don’t know. Well, I just saw them both and this is my conclusion.

Ice Age 3 impression

In Ice Age 3 the original gang is back for a new adventure in Dinosaurland. Add a couple of new characters, one being a pirate like figure, and a baby on the way and you have the ingredients for a fun and entertaining 90 minutes.

Sadly the story, nor the jokes are particularly good in Ice Age 3. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of Ice Age 1 and Ice Age 2 was pretty fun, but Ice Age 3 seems way too easy.

It’s like they turned on the automatic pilot. To be honest, it’s sad they went from Ice Age 1 to this. A typical money milking sequel.

And what’s up with the 3D? The only thing it added was a headache afterwards.

Public Enemies impression

Of to Public Enemies. Christian Bale chases Johnny Depp as John Dillinger. A typical Michael Mann movie with handheld cameras, so if you’re not into that, you can leave Public Enemies with a big headache as well.

But let’s just be perfectly clear, if you’re choosing between Public Enemies and Ice Age this weekend, it has to be Ice Age.

“Public Enemies. It’s got to be much more better!”

Public Enemies is a very solid drama with two top actors of our era. Now I’m not saying Public Enemies is like the best movie of the year, because I think it was lacking depth and it just wasn’t amazing. But it’s definitely worth a watch.

So there you have it. Public Enemies it is.

Now if you just want to watch a movie at home this 4th of July weekend, I’d recommend Michael Mann’s The Insider. That’s it, enjoy your weekend!

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