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Where the Wild Things Are is one of those projects that has been in development for over ten years. Spike Jonze initially made the movie for Universal and even released a teaser in 2000.

But things didn’t work out and now the movie is finally seeing the light of day at Warner. Not without its problems though. In 2008, rumors emerged about Warner wanting to reshoot the entire movie. If that was really the case, we’ll probably never know.

USA Today got the first look at Where the Wild Things are, based on the popular children’s book. And as always we can expect an extraordinary movie from director Spike Jonze. Who also made Adaptation. with Nicolas Cage and Being John Malkovich with, yeah… John Malkovich.

Although this won’t be your regular special-effects party, the animatronics and CGI still added to a budget of around $100 million. And that’s quite a gamble, with the experimental director plus the script that’s based on a small picture book with just a couple of written lines.

Still, this is one of those movies with a lot of buzz before the first moving images have even been released. Well, that’s not entirely true. Last year some test footage leaked you are seeing now.

A new teaser trailer will be released before Monsters vs. Aliens. So get hyped and expect it soon.

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